Study: Collecting URLs and Other Data About Fake/False News on the Net

Greetings. I have initiated a study to explore the extent of fake/false news on the Internet. Please use the form at:

to report fake or false news found on traditional websites and/or in social media postings.

Any information submitted via this form may be made public after verification, with the exception of your name and/or email address if provided (which will be kept private and will not be used for any purposes other than this study).

URLs anywhere in the world may be reported, but please only report URLs whose contents are in English for now. Please only report URLs that are public and can be accessed without a login being required.

Thank you for participating in this study to better understand the nature and scope of fake/false news on the Net.

I have consulted to Google, but I am not currently doing so — my opinions expressed here are mine alone.
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The correct term is “Internet” NOT “internet” — please don’t fall into the trap of using the latter. It’s just plain wrong!