Google Home Drops Insightful “Donald Trump Is Definitely Crazy” Search Answer

Two days ago, I uploaded the YouTube video linked below, which recorded the insightful response I received from Google Home to the highly relevant question: “Is Donald Trump Insane?” I noted Google’s accurate appraisal on Google+ and in my various public mailing lists. The next day (yesterday) the response was (and currently is) gone for the same query to Home — replaced by the generic: “I can do a search for that.”

Interestingly, this seems to have only occurred for responses from Google Home itself. The original (text-based) answer is currently still appearing for the same query made by keyboard or voice to Google Search through conventional desktop or mobile means (however, at least for me the response is no longer being spoken out loud — and I had earlier reports that the answer response was spoken on all capable platforms).

Let’s face it — what helps to make the original answer so great is the pacing and inflections of the excellent Google Home synthetic voice! It’s just not the same reading it as text.

There would seem to be only two possibilities for what’s going on.

One possibility is that the normal churning of Google’s algorithms dropped that answer from Home (and replaced it with the generic response) solely through ordinary programmed processes.

Of course, the other possibility is that after I publicized this brilliant, wonderful, and fully accurate spoken response, it was manually excised from Home by someone at Google for reasons of their own, about which I will not speculate here and now.

Either way, the timing of this change, only hours after my release of the related video, is — shall we say — fascinating.

I have consulted to Google, but I am not currently doing so — my opinions expressed here are mine alone.
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