Collecting Examples of YouTube Hate Speech Videos and Channels

I am collecting examples of hate speech videos on YouTube, and of YouTube channels that contain hate speech. Please use the form at:

to report examples of specific YouTube hate speech videos and/or the specific YouTube channels that have uploaded those videos. For YouTube channels that are predominantly filled with hate speech videos, the channel URL alone will suffice (rather than individual video URLs) and is of particular interest.

For the purposes of this study, “hate speech” is defined to be materials that a reasonable observer would feel areĀ in violation of Google’s YouTube Community Standards Terms of Use here:

For now, please only report materials that are in English, and that can be accessed publicly. All inputs on this form may be released publicly after verification as part of this project, with the exception of your (optional) name and email address, which will be kept private and will not released or used for any purposes beyond this study.

Thank you for participating in this study to better understand the nature and scope of hate speech on YouTube.


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