Announcing the “Google Issues” Mailing List

UPDATE (12 May 2017): Readers have been asking me about this new list’s scope. To be clear, it is not an “announcement-only” list. Reader participation is very much encouraged, including Google-related questions. Thanks again!

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Nobody can accuse me of starting too many Internet mailing lists. My existing lists (PRIVACY Forum, PFIR, and NNSquad) have been running continuously on the order of 26, 19, and 11 years respectively. Remarkably, I routinely get notes from subscribers who have been on these lists since their creation and claim to have been reading all of my associated messages — apparently without suffering any obvious brain damage to date.

Even relatively new readers will know by now that postings relating to Google have long been a very frequent component of these lists, and of my blog (which itself is around 14 years old).

The volume of Google-related postings seems likely to only be increasing. So with hopefully only relatively minor risk to the spacetime continuum, I have created a new mailing list to deal exclusively with all manner of Google-centric issues (and associated Alphabet, Inc. topics as well).

The subscription page (and archive information) for this new moderated mailing list is at:

While a variety of postings specific to Google will continue to appear in my other mailing lists as well, this new list is my intended venue for additional wide-ranging discussions and other postings related to Google and Alphabet, that I believe will be of ongoing interest — much of which will not appear in my other lists.

Google of course has no role in the operation of my lists or blog, and while I have consulted to them in the past I am not currently doing so — all of my opinions expressed in my lists and other venues are mine alone.

I’m looking forward to seeing you over on the Google Issues mailing list!

Thanks very much.


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