The Saga of a Locked-Out Google User

ALSO (March 25, 2016): I’ve been locked out of my Google account! What can I do? How can I prevent this in the future? HELP! 

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With the help of the Google Accounts team (thanks!), whom I reached through my informal channels at Google, a desperate user who contacted me — locked out of her G account since before the Labor Day weekend — including all of her associated personal and business data — has now been restored to full access.

This is by no means the first time that I’ve been involved in such a situation. In fact I’ve proceeded this way on multiple occasions when Google users reach out to me in desperation, after failing with all of the “normal” Google account recovery methods — through no fault of their own.

I am glad to help when I can, but as I emphasize to them, I do not currently have any official connection with Google, and I cannot guarantee any particular results.

Even more to the point, I shouldn’t be needed to do this at all!

Google Account recovery procedures and appeal flows should be designed to deal with these situations correctly in the first place.

It’s wrong that users feel it necessary to come to me with these kinds of Google problems, having gotten my name from their friends, web pages, or stories they heard about on radio.

By the time that they reach me, they’re upset beyond measure, and feel that Google has abandoned them.

Google can do a whole lot better!

Again, thanks very much to the Accounts Team and everyone else at G who helped to get this user back online with her Google account.


The Vile Monster Donald Trump Stabs the DACA Dreamers in their Backs

Donald Trump has now clearly revealed himself to be the monster that so many of us have long suspected him to be. A vile, racist, lying creature of evil.

Remember how he kept saying that the DACA Dreamers would be OK? These are 800 thousand kids who know no home other than the USA — brought here very young by their parents and not of their own free will. Kids who have grown into productive jobs of all kinds — and in our own military protecting our country. Kids who have provided the government with their personal information because they were promised that it would never be used against them.

Remember how Trump repeatedly said that they had nothing to worry about? That he was going to show them great heart?

That’s all now exposed as the worst kind of lies by a man who isn’t even really a man any more — he’s the Gollum of politics, a perverted little creature whose mind has been twisted by greed and power. Trump is such a quivering coward that he sent out his minion Jeff Sessions to announce the termination of DACA — rather than showing up to make the announcement himself.

The GOP must cast him out of the White House as the vermin he is, a malignant disease in the body of this great country. He must be banished back to his world of real estate cons and gold-plated toilets.

And Congress must act to permanently protect the DACA Dreamers. Right now.

Or the same ignominious fate awaiting Trump awaits you all as well.

You can count on it.