Bizarre Happenings with Hate Speech Video Reddit User Reshared by Trump

A bizarre sequence of events has unfolded involving the Reddit user who apparently created the Trump-WWE-CNN video that encouraged violence against reporters. Trump shared this sickening video — then Trump and the White House defended it. But it turned out that the Reddit user was then found to have also posted a wide variety of racist, antisemitic, and other hate speech materials.

Then it gets even stranger.

The user apparently posted a lengthy apology for his trolling and other despicable actions, which was noted in various media today, e.g.:

But this apology was quickly attacked by other Reddit users who didn’t want him to apologize. The apology post was then apparently deleted (by the user?) and the Reddit thread was locked (by Reddit moderators, the user asserted). That user then claimed that he was going to repost the original apology:

But now, the user has apparently deleted their Reddit account:

On the surface it appeared to be a pretty decent apology, far more than we’d ever expect from vile Donald Trump himself.

What’s really going on with this saga now? Who knows?

Stay tuned.


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