A Horrific New Animal Cruelty Commercial from Toyota

Toyota is running a new TV spot (internally titled “Camping”). It’s already triggering letters and petitions to Toyota to remove it from the air immediately. It’s breathtakingly stupid and could easily trigger dangerous copycats.

It features a moronic couple who throw a stick into a rapidly flowing river so that their dog will chase after it into the water. You then see the dog being rapidly washed away down the middle of the river. The couple races ahead downstream in their new Toyota to meet up with the dog who has somehow managed to survive the ordeal.

Then the woman says “My turn!” and throws the stick back into the river to bait the dog into the rapidly flowing water yet again.

It’s obviously supposed to be funny. Instead it’s hideous.

Whomever green-lighted this monstrosity at Toyota and their ad agency should be fired and never permitted to own animals of their own. What kind of total idiots produce a commercial like this that is bound to inspire other idiots to try the same thing?

Breathtakingly evil. Here’s the video of the spot. I’m told that there apparently is at least one additional version of this commercial that is even more disturbing.

Please let Toyota know how you feel about this. Thanks.

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1 thought on “A Horrific New Animal Cruelty Commercial from Toyota”

  1. I’ve spent 35+ years in whitewater, and the last decade as a seasonal river guide and trip leader. I’m an ACA-certified instructor in Swiftwater Rescue and have been involved in hundreds of minor rescues as well as a few major ones.

    Sending a dog (a) without a PFD (b) without a human — also in a PFD (c) down a fast-flowing stream is a recipe for tragedy. Yes, lots of us have “river dogs” who are capable swimmers and have spent years accompanying us: but we pick our spots very judiciously and NEVER let them swim on their own. Even a smart dog (like the border collie in this commercial) is likely to panic if it’s flushed over a drop or smacked into a rock. And unlike humans, dogs can’t adopt what we call “defensive swimming positions”, e.g., “on back, feet downstream, toes out of the water” or “curled up to protect face and chest” — so they’re much more exposed to injury than humans.

    Toyota needs to yank this ad ASAP, before people start emulating it and killing their dogs.

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