State and Federal Internet ID Age Requirements Are Hell-Bent on Turning the Internet Into a Chinese-Style Internet Nightmare

The new Utah Internet ID age laws signed today — and what other states and the feds are moving toward in the same realm — will destroy social media and much else of the Internet as we know it.

Vast numbers of people will refuse to participate in any government ID-based scheme for age verification, no matter how secure and compartmented it is claimed to be (e.g. through third-party verifiers).

Many persons, rightly concerned about basic privacy rights, already use different names and specify different birthdays on different sites, to avoid being subjected to horrific problems in the case of data breaches, and to avoid being tracked across sites discussing unrelated topics.

These government moves are clear steps on the way toward creating a Chinese-style Internet where every individual’s Internet usage is tracked and monitored by the government, creating a vast and continuous climate of fear, oppression, and government control.


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