Google’s New “YouTube TV” Is a Gift to Donald Trump

As if it wasn’t bad enough that so many high-ranking Google search results were hijacked by criminals monetizing false news stories toward getting Donald Trump elected, it appears that (for the moment at least), Google’s new “YouTube TV” offering is a gift package for serial lying sociopath Donald Trump and his vile supporters.

YouTube Live is Google’s newly announced attempt to push cable “cord cutting” — that is, encouraging people to drop their conventional cable or satellite TV subscriptions, and switch to viewing Internet-delivered streams.

The YouTube Live offering seems fairly conventional at first glance and Google has tossed in useful stuff like multiple users and free time-shifting/DVR capabilities.

But a glaring omission from their channel lineup makes YouTube Live a massive prize package for Donald Trump and his fascist agenda — FOX “News” is included in the lineup, but CNN is nowhere to be found. Go ahead, try and find it. I sure can’t.

It appears that Google is hoping that viewers will accept MSNBC as a substitute for CNN — but that’s ridiculous in the extreme. Not including CNN is giving FOX “News” an enormous boost, and those right-wing News Corp. bastards have already done enough damage to this country without Google giving FOX and Trump this additional big wet kiss squarely on their rotting lips.

No doubt Google will say that they couldn’t reach a licensing agreement with CNN/Time Warner and golly gee we hope to add them onto the lineup soon.

To hell with that. How long will it be before FOX and Trump are ranting claims that Google chose FOX “News” because Google doesn’t trust CNN? Launching this service including FOX “News” but not including CNN is the height of irresponsibility, especially in today’s political environment.

Shame on you Google. Shame on you.


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