February 15, 2005

"The Mother is Back!" - Announcing "DayThink" Audio Features

Greetings. I'm pleased to announce "DayThink" -- a new series of very brief (one-minute) MP3 audio features illuminating a wide range of relevant and important topics. Each day's feature will focus on one specific issue affecting our lives -- issues definitely worth thinking about. Many of these segments will deal directly with the impacts of technology on individuals and society.

DayThink features can be accessed via the DayThink main page at:


The debut segment is titled:

"The Mother is Back!"

and looks at the current round of telecom mergers and what they may mean for us all.

A notification mailing list has been established that will send out a brief message to subscribers as each new feature becomes available (never more than one per day), including the segment title, a brief description, and a link to the feature audio itself that can be played at one's leisure.

Subscriptions to that list can be established via:


or by simply sending a note (no subject or body necessary) to:


I hope that these features will be of some value in helping folks
wade through the maze of many important issues.

Thanks very much.


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