February 25, 2005

Corporate Idiots! -- Kraft's New Candy Promotes Road Kill

Greetings. You have to wonder what sorts of ethically-void young punks have gained control of the marketing departments at companies like Kraft.

The latest indication of rotting slime between the ears where brains are supposed to be: Kraft's new "Road Kill" Gummi Candy, shaped like snakes, chickens, and squirrels that have been run over, complete with tread marks. Kraft even had animated headlights and animals on their Web site.

Talk about sending the wrong message to children.

Kraft now claims, "We didn't mean to offend anyone." It doesn't take a genius to figure out in advance that such lowbrow and misguided products are going to offend people.

Perhaps the next time that I have to euthanize a suffering squirrel -- crushed by the jerks speeding past my house -- I'll consider shipping the road kill carcass to Kraft Corporate HQ.

Then again, they'd probably think it was lunch.


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