February 10, 2005

Bush On Jobs -- Via Leno (Video)

Greetings. Remember how George W. Bush's father demonstrated his utter cluelessness to the lives of "ordinary" people when he was amazed by a common supermarket price scanner?

Like father, like son. President Bush, Jr. has also shown (and not for the first time) that his world too is many lightyears distant from ours.

We all know what it means when individuals have to work more than one job to make ends meet -- it means that they can't find decent fulltime employment, and it's anything but a healthy sign for the economy. Everybody understands this.

Well, almost everybody. Watch this brief clip (Windows Media) where Jay Leno shows the current President Bush in Nebraska pitching social security "reform" to a single mother working three jobs. Gotta love those unscripted moments with the Prez.

Thick as a brick.


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