September 22, 2010

Excerpts From My "Coast to Coast AM" Internet Issues Interview Last Night

Greetings. A number of persons asked if I could provide some excerpts from my two hour Coast to Coast AM interview last night regarding Google, privacy, Craigslist, "Do Not Track" -- and various other Internet-related issues of potential interest (I "warned" that this show was upcoming in a posting a couple of days ago).

I've selected about 20 minutes of material from the interview, split into two parts as audio-only YouTube presentations. I've also provided direct links below to the associated audio for each main topic area that was discussed (these topic links are as accurate as possible but may not be exact due to playback timing variations).

Please keep in mind that the interview was conducted live between Midnight and 2 AM Los Angeles time. I figure if I can manage a few somewhat coherent statements at that hour the show probably went pretty well.

Part 1 Complete

Part 2 Complete


Google engineer's alleged spying on Google user data ("Barksdale" case)

"Zombie" Cookies

Thoughts on the proposed "Do Not Track" list

Future of the pervasive Internet and associated policy issues

Can the entire Internet crash? (and reliability concerns)

Craigslist and the "Adult Services" controversy

The importance of transparency

The potential of wireless spectrum "White Spaces"

The politicizing of technology issues



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