September 20, 2010

Back on "Coast to Coast AM" Tomorrow Night on Privacy and Internet Issues

Greetings. Late night code hackers, Beltway spooks, and other assorted lovers of the wee hours may recall my brief interview on Coast to Coast AM radio less than two weeks ago during the opening news segment -- several heart-stopping minutes of Q&A commentary regarding the hot (or at least pungent) topic of RFID-equipped trash bins.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from garbage pail fans around the country, I've been invited back for a two-hour stint on this national program late this Tuesday (tomorrow night).

Seriously, I'll be back on with host George Noory for one of my more typical long-form interviews on the show, starting shortly after midnight PDT (after the news break, etc.) Now of course officially that's really very early Wednesday morning, but it's easier to think of it as very late Tuesday night. Uh, right?

As usual for these extended segments on C2C, we'll probably cover a range of privacy-related and Internet topics. I already know that one issue very likely to come up is the recently disclosed "Barksdale" security breaches at Google, involving an engineer (now fired) who allegedly snooped on teenaged Google-users' private data. But hopefully we'll at least be able to touch on a bunch of interesting and relevant topics.

My boilerplate regarding C2C:

I've guested on the show many times previously, discussing a range of topics from security and privacy to other technology-related issues -- and have always been made to feel very welcome.

While Coast to Coast AM is widely known for its focus on "speculative" topics that various observers quite reasonably consider to be rather outside the "mainstream," the show also features many "hard science" guests and topics of more conventionally serious interests. Some of the best questions I've received on technology topics have come from listeners of Coast to Coast AM.

The Wired article Coast to Coast AM Is No Wack Job is a useful backgrounder if you're not already familiar with the show.

While there is no centralized free Internet streaming of the show, it is available on a vast number of stations around the country, plus satellite radio and other venues. See the station list for details.

Be seeing you.


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