October 18, 2007

Collecting YouTube Video Fingerprinting False Positives ("YouTube Video Identification")

Greetings. As I mentioned yesterday, the YouTube/Google Digital Rights Management (DRM) video "fingerprinting" system (called "YouTube Video Identification") is now operational.

Given the vast scale of YouTube, this is taking video fingerprinting -- and DRM in general -- into an entirely new deployment realm, and it should be fascinating to see how well it works in practice on YouTube.

In furtherance of a better public understanding of this process, I've set up a form for the reporting of perceived false positives from the YouTube fingerprinting system.

I'd appreciate it greatly if persons who feel that their submitted videos have been inappropriately or incorrectly flagged as "forbidden" by the system would use the form to let me know as many particulars as they feel comfortable providing.

Details are at the PFIR YouTube "False Positive" Reporting Form itself.

Thanks very much.


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