October 18, 2007

Democrats Continue Spineless Course on Wiretapping Bill

Greetings. Just to update, Democrats in Congress continue their disgraceful march toward selling the American people down the river, by rolling over and playing dead for the Bush administration on the wiretapping bill.

I expected such attitudes and games from the GOP of course, but the Democrats' performance on this matter is abysmal, even given that their majority in the Senate is very thin.

Not only are the civil liberties and basic rights of Americans being put at risk by these Congressional actions, in a manner more fitting of the old Soviet Union than the United States, but Congress seems ready to grant retroactive immunity to the telephone giants for their blatantly illegal handing over of customer records and related clearly illicit activities.

Crafting a wiretapping bill that would be effective against foreign targets without decimating American rights is certainly possible. But Congress doesn't have the fortitude or ethical compass for protecting our rights any more. Just say the word terrorist and everything else goes out the window in a blast of political oneupmanship.

I do hope that you'll remember Congress' actions in this regard come the next election.


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