January 19, 2005

New Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Photos -- This Time From the British

Greetings. As TV's Marine goofball Gomer Pyle used to say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" New photos showing abuse of Iraqi prisoners have surfaced, but this time they're not from Abu Gharib and don't involve U.S. forces, but rather are from our good friends the British, who apparently have similar problems with pathological, irresponsible, and just plain evil personalities up and down the chain of command.

The new photos (see below -- viewer discretion advised) are but a few that prosecutors released at a British court martial currently in progress in Germany.

The patterns of abuse depicted are all too familiar -- physical attacks, forced sexual humiliation, and so on -- all shades of Abu Gharib.

The British photos also win my "dim bulb" award for the week -- they were discovered at the film lab when they were taken in for developing! I've previously discussed how digital cameras made such photos more likely to be taken in the first place, but apparently the lack of a digital camera won't stop the dedicated sickos from getting those trophy shots.

There appears to be genuine shock in Britain, where the politicos had convinced much of the population that prisoner abuses were only an American hobby. It should now be all too clear that this particular sort of disgraceful perversion knows no international bounds.

Of course, these are just abuses at the hands of military personnel. We're still being kept in the dark regarding how CIA and MI6 treat their prisoners, since our governments refuse to provide any significant details. One can only imagine.


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