January 14, 2005

While U.S. Soldiers Die, GOP Will Dance at Inaugural

Greetings. There's been a lot of controversy regarding the definition of the word "obscene" over the years. Here's a concrete example that should make sense to anyone with even the remnants of a soul.

President Bush's second inaugural fesitivities will be costing tens of millions of dollars -- more than $40 million just in private donations, plus municipal costs to Washington D.C. Bush keeps telling us that we're at war, yet plans to prance around in a tuxedo as if happy days are here again.

The scenes of merry partygoers burning through so much money, while our soliders are being blown up in Iraq and tsunami victims are still rotting in mass graves, may not be exactly the sort of image we really should be sending to the world -- or to our own people.

Even some Bush supporters, including billionaire Mark Cuban, have been questioning the inaugural plans and expenditures, especially in light of historical wartime precedents.

How long will it be before we see terrorist recruiting videos juxtaposing images of death and destruction in Iraq with scenes of conspicuous inaugural revelry?


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