November 12, 2004

Secret Service Called to School When Band Sings '63 Dylan Song

Greetings. You have to read this one for yourself. When a high school band called "Coalition of the Willing" in Boulder, Colorado rehearsed the classic 1963 Bob Dylan song Masters of War in preparation for the school talent show, some cretins listening decided it was a threat to their beloved President Bush, and called in the Secret Service.

The school's principal was interroga... oops, questioned by Secret Service agents, as was a teacher who had supervised a recent student protest. Agents also took with them a copy of the offending Dylan lyrics, which no doubt will now have a file entry all its very own in the database bowels over at Homeland Security.

This story comes on the heels of word that many ABC-TV affiliates are refusing to air a rerun of the Oscar-nominated film Saving Private Ryan -- supposedly over fears that this time around the FCC would fine them over explicit language. In some quarters though, there are suspicions of concerns that the film with its "war is hell" overtones might offend the powers-that-be for other reasons as well.


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