November 06, 2004

Suckering in the Recruits: The Most Disingenuous Army Commercial Ever? (Video)

Greetings. The U.S. body count continues rising in Iraq, but we're repeatedly assured by Bush and his cohorts that no draft is planned (even while the Selective Service system -- that would run a draft -- appears to be rapidly gearing up behind the scenes).

What secret weapon does the military possess to help meet their recruitment quotas under these conditions? Advertising of course! And there's a real doozy airing right now.

Most commercials for military services traditionally emphasize money for college, job skills, or even travel possibilities. A bare few actually suggest that you might be engaged in fighting -- but these are generally considered to be in bad taste.

But the new approach is not to admit that you're talking about the military at all until the very last cut. A current 30-second Army spot manages to give the impression that it's talking about becoming a teacher, a nurse, a Peace Corps volunteer, or something along those lines. But it's all a come-on -- a disingenuous spiel of a high order indeed.

Take a look for yourself at this Army video gem (Windows Media Format).

It's a long, long way from the "kill for peace" pitch, that's for sure!


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