September 01, 2004

Kobe Bryant Jury Questionnaire

Greetings. While I'll admit to being totally disinterested in the Kobe Bryant rape accusation case, I do find jury questionnaires to be fascinating, particularly for how well they tend to illustrate the invasive, manipulative, wasteful, unintelligent, uninformed, and in many cases just plain corrupt nature of the jury system in this country. Yes, you're right, I'm not the jury system's biggest fan.

But jury questionnaires in high-profile cases are nearly always worth reading just for their sheer audaciousness if nothing else.

Many years ago, I posted the O.J. Simpson Jury Questionnaire as a PRIVACY Forum document.

Today, I'm pleased to make available the "hot off the press" Kobe Bryant Jury Questionnaire (be warned, it's a quite large PDF file).

Now, your assignment question for today -- how would you feel about being obligated to answer the items in either of these documents? Do keep in mind the risk of ending up shackled in a cell for contempt of court if you don't play along!


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