August 31, 2004

TFTD: Don't Trust Caller ID!

Thought For the Day: Don't Trust Caller ID!

TFTD: Greetings. For those of us who were openly skeptical and critical of telephone Calling Number ID (CNID) since its original planning phase, we seem to have reached one of those "we told you so" moments.

Word has been circulating for some time that it was possible to hack displayed CNID data via manipulation of digital access lines and through VoIP systems. Now comes word of a commercial service providing false CNID information -- initial target customers: collection agencies.

Unreliable CNID is a big deal -- particularly considering that it tends to be a premium-priced service sometimes required to be purchased to qualify for telephone company long distance packages and the like. And for persons making the long-standing mistake of depending upon CNID for security or privacy reasons, the effects of manipulated CNID can be dramatic indeed.

So the next time Vice President Chaney's residence telephone number shows up on your phone, you may want to consider the possibility that it is not legit, unless you work for Halliburton, of course.


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