October 08, 2015

Research Request: Seeking Facebook or Other "Real Name" Identity Policy Abuse Stories

Facebook and potentially other social media "real name" identity policies, such as discussed in:


continue to raise the specter of individuals being targeted and harmed as a result of these policies -- not just online but physically as well -- especially persons who are already vulnerable in various ways.

While we know of some specific examples where those so affected have been in a position to speak out about these abuses, it seems certain that vastly more individuals have been similarly negatively impacted, but have been understandably unable or unwilling to discuss their situations publicly.

I am attempting to gather as much information as possible about the scope of these issues as they have affected these individuals.

If you feel that you have personally been abused by Facebook or other Internet systems with "real name" identity requirements, I'd greatly appreciate your telling me as much about your situation as you feel comfortable doing. If you know of other persons so affected, please pass this request on to them if you feel that doing so would be appropriate.

Regardless of whether you identify yourself to me or not, the details of what you tell me will remain completely confidential unless you specifically indicate differently, and I will otherwise only use this data to develop aggregate statistics for summary public analysis and reports.

I would appreciate anything relevant to these issues that you can share with me via email at:


Thank you very much. Take care, all.

I have consulted to Google, but I am not currently doing so.
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