August 20, 2015

EU Demands Google Forget "The Right To Be Forgotten"

Brussels, Belgium (ZAP) - The European Union today issued a preliminary order requiring that Google and all other Search Engines and similar services remove all search results related to the EU "Right To Be Forgotten" (RTBF).

"We've been deliberating on this issue for a very long time," noted Winston Charrington, Minister of the European Union World Censorship Directorate. "We've come to the conclusion that only by mandating the complete and total global elimination of all references to RTBF can we avoid unnecessary consternation and controversies regarding those aspects of published history -- that RTBF requires be deleted from search indexes around the planet. In other words, if you don't even realize that censorship is occurring, how could you ever be upset about it? Doubleplusgood!"

Leaders and politicians from around the world were quick to praise the EU's action. Russian president Vladimir Putin issued a statement noting the EU was acting in the best historical traditions of Mother Russia. Chinese leaders offered to provide the EU with "Great Firewall" censorship technology at no charge, "in the furtherance of helping our brothers and sisters in Europe join our information control people's paradise."

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump immediately called FOX News to say that the EU's actions are a crude start but adding that, "When I'm president you're going to have a really wonderful censorship system here in the USA. It's going to make those Russian and European systems look like stupid, ugly women. You're going to forget there ever were mass arrests and deportations here. I know how to do censorship. You're going to love the Trump censorship system!"

An EU spokesperson noted that upon finalization of this global RTBF censorship order, all search and other references to articles, stories, or other materials describing this order, including this posting, would be retroactively deleted.

Google was unavailable for comment.

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