February 27, 2015

Google's Gutsy Reversal: Explicit Content Blogger Ban Rescinded

Just a few days ago, in With Sudden Blogger Change, Google Drags Their Trust Problem Back into the Spotlight, I expressed strong concerns over Google's decision to both retroactively and proactively ban most "explicit content" from their Blogger platform, with only a month's warning and no real explanation offered at the time for such a dramatic policy change.

The next time someone tries to tell you that Google doesn't listen to user and other public concerns, you can prove that person wrong by pointing them at this story, because Google has now announced that they are completely rescinding that new policy.

It takes some serious fortitude to publicly admit when you've made a policy mistake. What's more, Google has taken the gutsy approach and has reversed the previous decision entirely. It would have been far easier -- given the real pressures that exist around explicit content -- to have left the new policy in place with an explanation and significantly extended deadlines.

But Google has instead chosen to reaffirm the freedom of expression foundation of Blogger that has helped make it so popular and useful for many years.

In so doing, they have made the correct decision for Google, for users, and for the principles of free speech and free expression that are currently under so much political and other duress.

Thanks Google.


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