October 14, 2012

CNN: The "We Even Censor the 'Space News' Network"

In the pantheon of cable TV news, CNN has managed to stay at least relatively centered in the "neutral" zone, largely away from the pure right-wing propaganda of FOX News, and the liberal leanings of outlets like MSNBC.

But today, CNN demonstrated that they've clearly become hypocritical, self-serving censors, as they utterly mangled the amazing free fall jump of Felix Baumgartner from the edge of outer space.

While YouTube and other online venues followed every minute of the jump and interactions with mission control, CNN cut away from the 20-second delayed action before Felix even jumped, and then aired virtually nothing of the feat for the rest of the descent.

Key events -- sound barrier, spinning and recovery, parachute deployment, mission control commentary and communications, amazing visual shots -- CNN showed none of this. They simply cut back to their talking heads "in an abundance of caution," they claimed.

Not until Felix's chute could be seen from the ground did CNN deem to show another glimpse -- and then only briefly -- cutting away again until he was safely on the ground.

CNN, the same folks who wallow in high-speed car chases, military bombardments, and all manner of other potentially gory spectacles, has now demonstrated itself to be -- possibly forever -- not a news network at all, but a pitiful excuse even for an entertainment channel.

CNN's programming has been degrading for years. Their ratings have plunged through the floor. And yet, ironically, they've been the only real hard news cable alternative to the political spin channels. So watching CNN fall further into the abyss should not be amusing, but rather should be a matter of great concern.

For now at least, CNN can be honestly branded the Censored News Network.

And that's very, very sad.


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