March 24, 2012

Google Issues and Problems Survey

Blog Update (March 28, 2012): "Frustrated": The Results of My "Google Issues and Problems Survey"

To quote Jack Benny: "Wellll!"

The reaction to my posting a couple of days ago -- Why Google Needs an Ombudsman - Now More Than Ever -- has by far resulted in the most related email messages I've ever received for any of my blog or email postings in memory.

First , thank you all who responded, especially those of you who took the time to write in considerable detail.

In light of this turn of events, I'm launching a "little" survey to try better understand, in a somewhat more systematic way, any Google-related issues or problems of concern. [Update: 25 March 2012: This also includes any relevant matters related to Google's YouTube or other divisions of Google.]

I'd like to keep this as simple as possible.

Responses should be emailed to Choose the "Subject:" line as you wish, but please keep it relevant.

Unless you explicitly indicate otherwise, the details of your response will be kept confidential, though I may publicly summarize aggregate results. In some cases I may followup with you by email if I think more information would be useful, but if you request that I don't reply, I will honor that of course. Your email addresses related to this survey will not be used for any other purposes.

Please only include one Google-related problem or issue topic in any single email response, but feel free to send multiple emails if desired.

And without further ado, here are the survey questions:

1) Briefly, what is the nature of your issue or problem related to Google?

2) Do you personally consider this to be:

  • (a) a policy issue (related to Google, Inc. terms of service, privacy policies, user support procedures, etc.)
  • (b) an operational issue (something that isn't working in the manner you expect)
  • (c) both
  • (d) neither

3) Does this issue or problem relate to the use of:

  • (a) free Google services
  • (b) paid Google services
  • (c) both

4) On a scale of 1 through 10, how would you rate the severity of your Google-related problem or issue, where:

  • "1" is "not a big deal, so minor it really doesn't significantly affect my usage"
  • "5" is "a hassle sometimes, but I can live with it"
  • "10" is "awful, so bad I won't use the service and won't recommend it to anyone else"

5) Have you attempted to get more information about and/or assistance with your Google-related issue or problem?

6) If you answered "yes" to (5), what steps did you take to try get information or to otherwise resolve your issue or problem? (E.g., contacted Google directly, used a Google Help forum, used non-Google forums, consulted with non-Google users or experts, etc.)

7) If you answered "yes" to (5), were you able to get the information you needed and/or solve your problem to your satisfaction? If so, which of the methods that you listed in (6) were most useful?

8) If you answered "no" to (7) above (your issue or problem is still unresolved despite your efforts), what would you personally consider the appropriate resolution to be? How will you proceed if the matter remains unresolved?

9) How would you rate yourself regarding experience in the area of concern? Beginner, experienced, expert, etc.?

10) Anything else relevant you'd care to add about this Google-related issue or problem?

Please email your responses to

Thank you very much for taking the time to participate in this survey!


Blog Update (March 28, 2012): "Frustrated": The Results of My "Google Issues and Problems Survey"

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