December 23, 2011

"Go Daddy" Publicly Reverses on SOPA: But They're Still Slime

Update: Not supporting SOPA is very different than opposing SOPA!

Don't be fooled by Go Daddy's public reversal on SOPA!

As the old TV character Gomer Pyle used to say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

Faced with an Internet revolt and boycott over their strong support of SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act - H.R. 3261), the sleazeballs at registrar Go Daddy have announced that they are no longer supporting the measure -- and have apparently pulled down their blog postings that had so enthusiastically promoted the terrible pro-censorship legislation.

Do not be fooled. Make no mistake about their motives. They're not suddenly against the censorship principles of SOPA: "Go Daddy will support it when and if the Internet community supports it." There is no indication whatsoever that they have had a fundamental change of heart.

In other words, this is a reversal of convenience for their bottom line, showing all the backbone of a bevy of jellyfish.

As I noted yesterday in A Guide to Slamming SOPA Supporters - Starting With "Go Daddy" Slime, there are many reasons other than their support of SOPA to abandon and ostracize Go Daddy.

Some folks whom I greatly respect are publicly thanking Go Daddy for their ostensible reversal on SOPA.

If I felt that Go Daddy had genuinely changed their attitude, I would thank them as well.

But reading their statement, and considering their strong pro-SOPA testimony to Congress, as far as I'm concerned they're the same ethically vacuous firm as always, with their public facade changing like a chameleon, blowing in the wind of Internet public opinion. I can only imagine what they're saying to the pro-SOPA community behind the scenes. I don't believe that they've fundamentally changed their opinions on this by one iota.

With all of this in mind, I continue to urge that you find alternatives to the use of Go Daddy services.

Have a Merry Christmas weekend!


Update: Not supporting SOPA is very different than opposing SOPA!

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