October 28, 2011

Audio From Last Night's "Coast to Coast AM" Radio Show: Internet Freedom and Other Internet Topics Galore

Audio from my two hours back on Coast to Coast AM radio last night is now available.

Host George Noory and I covered an array of Internet and related topics, including Internet Freedom issues around the world (Congress vs. the Internet [E-PARASITE, PROTECT IP], privacy, government mandated site and search engine censorship, the "right to be forgotten" in Europe, iPhone vs. Android, rooting/jailbreaking phones, CyanogenMod, .xxx and other new Top Level Domains, Google, search results rankings, recent deaths in the technical community, and much more.

You can play the audio in the little applet below, or play/download it directly (~34 MB MP3 / 1.25 hours) if you prefer.

George is a real pro, and as always it was great having the opportunity to chat in depth with him and callers about these important issues.

Your thoughts on these topics are appreciated, of course.

Take care, all.

Internet Issues on Coast to Coast AM - 10/27/2011


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