September 30, 2011

Video Available: Google+ Identity and "Real Names" Discussion Hangout

Yesterday evening, I conducted an initial Google+ discussion video "Hangout" dedicated to the controversies surrounding identity ("real names") controversies on Google+. As I noted in Real Names, Guilt, Self-Censorship, and the Identity War, these are complicated issues.

My thanks to everyone who participated, especially given the short notice.

The video of this Hangout is now available:

Google+ Identity and "Real Names" Hangout Discussion
(YouTube / ~24 minutes)

A quick technical note: Recording of Hangouts without integral (server-based) recording facilities is technically challenging, especially if multiple systems aren't being used for this process. In this experiment, I used my own "split screen" technique to work around a limitation in the Hangout video switching algorithm, and to make it easier for me to overlay a "This Hangout is being recorded for YouTube" warning for any additional participants who might arrive during the course of the discussion itself.

While there are obvious limitations to this recording technique, it's clear that there is enormous promise in Hangouts for serious dialogues and explorations on all manner of topics, and I plan to schedule more of these sessions in near future.

Thanks again to the participants not only for their thoughts on the issues of concern, but for their willingness to be "guinea pigs" for last night's explorations.

Take care, all.


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