June 28, 2011

My Interview Re FTC Antitrust vs. Google & Supreme Court Video Games Decision ("C2C AM" Radio Last Night)

I had a great hour last night back on Coast to Coast AM radio, discussing both the FTC's just announced antitrust investigation of Google, and the Supreme Court's recent decision regarding California's banning of "violent" video game sales to minors, plus some additional topics.

The audio from that interview is available at:

Supreme Court Video Games Ruling & FTC Antitrust vs. Google ("Coast to Coast AM" Radio - 6/27/11)
(YouTube [Audio Only] / ~33 minutes)

The individual show segments are available as:

Supreme Court Video Games Decision

FTC Antitrust vs. Google

Listener Calls

The Wired article Coast to Coast AM Is No Wack Job is a useful backgrounder if you're not already familiar with the show.



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