May 28, 2011

Video: "Internet Censorship Secret Planning Meeting"

As I've discussed in depth previously, including in Why PROTECT IP Web Censorship Will Fail - But Lead to Much Worse, organized efforts have been launched, in the U.S. Congress and elsewhere, to impose broad new censorship regimes on the Internet, even including the criminalization of linking to "forbidden sites" -- and the government-mandated deletion of associated search query results on search engines such as Google. The implications are vast, dangerous, and virtually impossible to overstate.

But have you wondered what goes on at the closed-door meetings where the plans for Internet censorship are discussed? We know that various censorship proponents are already playing hardball -- but just how ruthless are they?

Perhaps this brief video clip apparently smuggled out of an "Internet censorship planning meeting" gives some taste of the sensibilities and attitudes that may already be in play.

Internet Censorship Secret Planning Meeting
(YouTube / 2 minutes)


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