April 27, 2011

My Interview Re Sony PlayStation Network Breach (C2C AM Radio Last Night)

With the continuing escalation of the Sony PlayStation network breach, now involving the potential release of personal information including security questions, passwords, perhaps some user credit card data, and other goodies, Coast to Coast AM radio invited me back on yesterday to discuss this and other Internet-related topics.

It seems clear that Sony can be faulted not only for failed security on their network, and for storing personal data (including reportedly plaintext passwords) in a manner that was accessible to such a breach, but also for utterly abysmal handling of the public information and public relations outreach relating to this entire incident.

The audio from my interview last night is available at:

Sony PlayStation Network Breach & More - "Coast to Coast AM" - 4/26/11
(YouTube [Audio Only] / ~27 minutes)

The Wired article Coast to Coast AM Is No Wack Job is a useful backgrounder if you're not already familiar with the show.

Thanks as always.


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