April 07, 2011

Video: Internet Freedoms Lost: A Search Story

Greetings. Congress is hellbent on imposing Internet censorship, using exaggerated claims of piracy as the excuse for draconian COICA and other legislation that would give the U.S. government unparalleled control over the operations and content not only of U.S. based Internet sites, but (via the DNS - Domain Name System) sites around the world in other countries as well.

And with a major target of Congress now appearing to be search engines such as Google, Congressional efforts seem aimed at declaring that even providing a link or other information about an "offending" site should be prohibited.

Attempts to censor and otherwise micromanage the search results of Google and other search engines are an additional enormous threat to free speech and civil liberties globally.

Can these enormously important issues be boiled down to a very short, very quickly produced "Search Story" video?

Let's find out.

Internet Freedoms Lost: A Search Story
(YouTube / ~1.5 minutes)


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