March 23, 2011

Last Night's New "Coast" Radio Interview: Internet, Google, Privacy, and Other Issues

Greetings. Literally just a few hours before air time last night, I was booked back onto the Coast to Coast AM radio program for a two hour interview slot.

[ Background information about the show - from Wired ]

As always when I guest on Coast, I enjoyed it greatly, and since we had plenty of time to work with, host George Noory and I covered an especially wide range of technology topics.

We started out with biometrics, then moved on to issues including the Google Books settlement court decision, bandwidth caps vs. video, ISPs, Internet competition, Net Neutrality, security, Facebook, anonymity, privacy, top-level domain (TLD) controversies (e.g., ".xxx"), Internet history, "Do-Not-Track" -- and much more.

No transcript is available yet, but since I did not do this interview over the phone, I'm hoping that the much higher audio quality will ultimately ease automated transcription. The actual interview itself lasted about one and a quarter hours spread out over two hours of the show.

The interview audio is available below and at:

Internet, Privacy, and More - "Coast to Coast AM" Radio - 3/22/11
(YouTube [Audio Only] / ~1.25 hours)

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