February 22, 2011

My "Internet Freedoms" Interview - Early Draft Transcript Available - (Coast To Coast AM)

Greetings. In response to many requests, I've now made available a very early draft transcript of my "Internet Freedoms" interview on Coast to Coast AM radio last week (see: Audio Available from My "Internet Freedoms" Discussion on "Coast to Coast AM" Last Night -- or below -- for the segment audio.

The transcript is definitely a rough draft at this point. Due to the show segment being mostly a broadcast of my phone call, audio quality prevented automated speech-to-text tools from being of more than very limited assistance in generating this first-pass draft.

I plowed through the show audio manually myself and transcription errors are sure to be present. Capitalization and punctuation in this draft are inconsistent (and largely missing for that matter).

As time becomes available I will further proof and clean up the draft, bumping the version number up with each iteration.

For now, I hope that this draft, even in its current crude form, is useful for those of you who have been asking for a textual version of the interview.

Your thoughts and questions are always welcome, of course. Thanks!


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