January 29, 2011

Video: Dr. Strangelove Explains the Internet Kill Switch

Greetings. Yesterday, in "Plan D" - How To Disrupt the U.S.A.'s Internet, I employed a concept from Stanley Kubrick's film classic Dr. Strangelove to draw an analogy between the specter of global warfare, and the enormous risks associated with government-directed Internet shutdowns as have already occurred in Egypt, and such has been advanced by some officials as a desirable government-controlled "Internet Kill Switch" concept here in the United States.

The parallels are striking on several levels. But even I was surprised when I looked back at the original Dr. Strangelove footage, and realized that perhaps the characters were actually in a "Cyberwar Room" -- and already were discussing various countries' abilities to use "kill switches" to shut down the Internet.

See what you think ...

Dr. Strangelove Explains the Internet Kill Switch
[YouTube] (~1.3 minutes)


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