November 15, 2010

Flustered Radio Host Hangs Up on Me During "Google Interview"

Greetings. I've long since lost track of how many radio interviews I've participated in over the years. On conservative "talk radio" in particular, the topics usually involve controversial subjects where the host (and often much of the audience) don't necessarily agree with my viewpoints.

However, I've never been interviewed by a radio host in other than a polite and cordial manner -- until this evening.

Earlier today I received an e-mail from a San Diego AM talk radio host claiming his show was by far the lead early evening talk show on San Diego radio, wanting to have a conversational interview without listener calls (I happen to like listener calls, but either way is fine with me).

Topic: Google and Street View Wi-Fi privacy issues. My opinion on this subject is pretty well known -- I believe the whole controversy has been blown way out of proportion.

Anyway, whenever possible I agree to these interview requests. I think it's important to try get beyond the "preaching to the choir" effect that tends to often be the case with blogs, Twitter, and such -- but radio is one way to do it, especially with audiences who may not normally hear from folks directly involved in technology policy issues.

As is my habit when going on a show with a host that I haven't spoken with before, I listened to some of his material online and quickly realized that this would likely be what I term a somewhat "aggressive" interview, rather than a more "laid-back" one. You have to be more forceful in your responses in such interviews to avoid being "steamrolled" by the host, but that's all part of the game. No problem.

I've always been treated professionally in these live interviews -- even when the host had a polar opposite point of view -- so I was quite surprised when this evening's host became flustered very early during our conversation, melted down on-air, and simply hung up on me (though he continued to vent his upset during the remainder of the thirteen minute segment that went on to include callers).

But it's more amusing to listen to the segment yourself. This guy is a fascinating exemplar of the quintessential Google Hater with a Capital H.

Be sure not to miss the caller who diverges onto the topics of smart gas meter conspiracies and secret plans for a Google real-time spy satellite!

Such ridiculousness aside, the essence of the situation was encapsulated just after the host dumped me, when he told his audience, "I'm just not interested in a conversation with someone who defends Google."

So grab some popcorn, and listen to the segment yourself (This is an "audio-only" YouTube item.)

One interview I won't forget. Take care, all.


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