October 07, 2010

Song: "Cellular Telecom Rush" (With Apologies to Tom Lehrer)

Greetings. Well, it's official -- every firm involved in the mobile industry is suing some other company (or multiple companies) involved in cellular telecommunications technology -- or at least it seems that way.

I got bogged down trying to explain the various players to someone yesterday, and was inspired last night with the obvious solution -- a song!

So, with apologies to the great Tom Lehrer, I offer this extremely super-quickie parody with my own satirical take on his classic National Brotherhood Week.

I call my version, the Cellular Telecom Rush:

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"Cellular Telecom Rush"
A satirical work to the tune of: National Brotherhood Week
With apologies to Tom Lehrer

Lyrics Copyright 2010 Lauren Weinstein. All rights reserved.

Oh Oracle's now suing Google,
And RIM sued Motorola.
Lawsuits over wacky patents,
Are the litigation way!

But in the cellular telecom rush,
Cellular telecom rush,
Prior art can't even cause a lawyer's cheeks to flush.
It's lots of fun to sue,
Those who compete with you,
As long as you can outlast them in court.

Oh Kodak's suing Apple,
And now Apple sued HTC.
They claim my phones use their patents,
But I know that theirs use mine!

Yet in the cellular telecom rush,
Cellular telecom rush,
Intellectual property is squeezed like pimple puss.
See lawsuits flying crude,
While consumers get screwed.
It's enough to make a simple cell phone cry.

Microsoft sued Motorola,
And now Kodak's suing Samsung.
And Apple's sued Nokia,
And Nokia's suing everyone!

But in the cellular telecom rush,
Cellular telecom rush,
So much great engineering work ends up a toilet flush.
Give thanks when cell phones you use,
A lawyer you need not choose!
But who knows the way things are going today,
You might just end up being sued anyway!


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