September 05, 2010

Free Press, Lauren Weinstein, Google, and Net Neutrality

Greetings. Last Friday, in a posting titled The New McCarthyism of Google-Baiting Spreads Its Stain, I expressed my concerns regarding what I view to be disgraceful tactics that have been recently employed by some parties in the ongoing debates regarding Net Neutrality and related issues. Two facets that I specifically addressed were a published attack directed at me by Craig Aaron, the managing director of Free Press, and the presentation of a video (produced by Consumer Watchdog) in New York's Times Square that portrayed Google's CEO in the apparent aspect of a child molester.

This morning I received a note from Craig of Free Press regarding my posting. He asked me to share that e-mail publicly, and I will honor his request here, along with my associated reply that I sent him today.

Here are both of the communications, presented without additional comments at this time:

E-mail from Free Press to Lauren (9/5/10)

E-mail from Lauren to Free Press (9/5/10)

Take care, all.


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