June 30, 2010

Major Published Article on Microsoft vs. Google Privacy Issues

Greetings. Fairly recently, I was interviewed for an article to appear in Redmond magazine (The Independent Voice of the Microsoft IT Community). The topic of the article was presented to me essentially as "Who has bigger and scarier privacy problems, Microsoft or Google?"
Obviously, given the stated orientation of the publication, I couldn't help but anticipate that the finished piece might tend to skew toward the Microsoft-friendly side of the issues.

The resulting lengthy article, What Does Microsoft Know About You? has just appeared, and despite what I would characterize as an obvious and significant anti-Google bias in the overall piece, the article is still an interesting and worthwhile read, even if only to illustrate how these sometimes emotional issues are being played out in such publications and among such affinity groups.

But that's just my opinion. What's your take?


Update (7:30 PM): OK gang, yeah, I did notice that the article (at least as currently displayed in the online version) includes a rather amusing typo given the topic of the piece. Out of deference to the author, I hadn't planned to mention the error, but with so many people sending me notes about it, that doesn't seem as practical now. Let's just assume that it was a genuine typo, not a Freudian slip!

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