June 24, 2010

ICANN Likely to Approve "Dot-Ex-Ex-Ex" Domain for Chumps!

Greetings. Word is that tomorrow ICANN is likely to reverse itself yet again, and (under continuing lawsuit threats from the would-be TLD-operator who desperately wants to cash-in on this fiasco) unwisely approve a "dot-ex-ex-ex" top-level domain.

Every word that I wrote back in 2005 about this topic, in Open Letter: Why "Dot-Ex-Ex-Ex" is for Chumps still holds true, perhaps even more now half a decade later.

If ICANN moves as reported on this, it is bad news for everyone concerned about free speech and civil liberties on and off the Internet, regardless of how you feel about the sorts of enterprises being targeted by this new TLD.


Blog Update (25 June 2010): ICANN Moves Forward with Dot-Ex-Ex-Ex, while ICM CEO Plans for Big Bucks and Censorship

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