May 09, 2010

ACTA Treaty Abominations on "Coast to Coast AM" Radio Tonight (Sunday)

Greetings. This is just a quick heads-up that I've been booked tonight (Sunday, 9 May) onto Coast to Coast AM -- the nationwide/global late night radio program -- for what will probably be a rather extensive discussion of the international ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) and the various abominations in its ongoing (mostly secret) negotiations and currently known provisions.

My segment is currently scheduled to run through most of the first hour of the show at least (after the top of the hour news and show intro), which begins at 10 PM PDT. The show is available on a vast number of Coast to Coast AM local radio station affiliates, plus satellite radio and other distribution venues.

I've guested on the show many times previously, discussing a range of topics from security and privacy to other technology-related issues -- and have always been made to feel very welcome.

While Coast to Coast AM is widely known for its focus on "speculative" topics that various observers quite reasonably consider to be rather outside the "mainstream," the show also features many "hard science" guests and topics of more conventionally serious interest. Some of the best questions I've received on technology topics have come from listeners of Coast to Coast AM.

The Wired article Coast to Coast AM Is No Wack Job is a useful backgrounder if you're not already familiar with the show.

The ACTA in its current form is potentially a disaster headed straight for us all, and represents an enormous threat not only to the Internet as we know it but even to civil liberties more broadly as well. Tonight's discussion on Coast to Coast AM hopefully will help to alert a broad audience -- many members of which may likely have never heard of this treaty before -- to the threats posed by the process and particulars of the ACTA.

Hope to "see you" on the radio tonight.


Blog Update (May 10, 2010): Summary of ACTA Discussion from "Coast to Coast AM" Last Night

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