January 16, 2010

Verizon FiOS Scamming the Elderly

Greetings. We know that major telephone/cable/ISP companies have many great people managing them and working for them in various capacities.

But when it comes to sales tactics, sometimes it's difficult to come up with sufficiently descriptive terminology that doesn't involve hard-core expletives.

When sales techniques descend to the level of elder abuse, I'll admit I'm nothing short of livid. And that's how I feel right now.

I've just learned that earlier today, a pair of slick, fast-talking Verizon door-to-door FiOS representatives (I'm still trying to find out if they were Verizon employees or third-party sales reps) scammed the elderly father of a friend of mine here in L.A. into signing up for a one-year contracted bundle of expensive FiOS services that he didn't want or need.

Apparently by implying that a change to FiOS was already a fait accompli, they pressured him into immediately signing even though he was obviously confused.

I'll be working to untangle this starting on the first business day that I can reach Verizon.

But for now, the next time that someone questions the need for more regulation in this area, here's one more example to cite.

More later. Take care, all.


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