November 23, 2009

Microsoft in Bed with Murdoch in Anti-Google Plan?

Greetings. The New York Times is reporting that Microsoft and Rupert Murdoch are in talks that could lead to an arrangement where Microsoft would pay Murdoch to remove News Corp. Web sites from Google indexes.

While I realize that such a plan doesn't meet the associated legal definition, somehow I can't help but think of such a scheme without echoes of the word "extortion" coming to mind.

According to this report, Microsoft and Murdoch -- The 'Two Mad "M"s' it seems -- have a vision for the Internet that is the opposite of inclusion. Do they really see financial benefits in what amounts to an "exclusion syndicate" given the realities of the Internet today? The smell of desperation in the air is nearly palpable.

I must admit that I have an old friend who keeps complaining to me that he can't find a way to completely and easily remove FOX News from his customized Google News search results. He'd probably applaud anything that might get what he calls "Faux News" completely out of Google. I always suggest to him that such an "ostrich-like" stance is not only unbecoming but unwise -- regardless of how much I personally agree with his assessment of the particular News Corp. organization's "quality" overall.

But assuming that the report is true and such discussions between Microsoft and Murdoch really are taking place, it speaks volumes of how drastically both Microsoft and Murdoch have missed the boat -- a vessel brightly painted in primary colors, of course. Sorry boys, it won't be returning to the dock.


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