October 27, 2009

Is Net Neutrality a Communist Plot? ("Declassified DoD Film")

Greetings. As a strong supporter of Net Neutrality, I've been increasingly concerned by recent accusations from some anti-neutrality forces and media commentators, who claim that Net Neutrality is actually an insidious and dangerous "communist plot" that must be destroyed at all costs.

Such a characterization has seemed utterly ridiculous to me, and hopefully also to most other reasonable observers.

However, a friend of mine working at a certain "Three-Initial Agency" (that must remain unnamed) recently uncovered a long-lost U.S. government film that appears to shed unexpected light on accusations of a linkage between communist/Marxist ideologies and Net Neutrality.

He managed to get the short film (only a few minutes long) rapidly declassified and shipped it out to me. I've now digitized the 16mm print and brought it online.

The complete film (with associated very brief explanatory text, etc. that I've included) can be viewed at the YouTube link:

Is Net Neutrality a Communist Plot?

I must admit, the film certainly had an impact on me!


(Blog Update: 10/28/09: Yes, the accusations of communism are real, but the film is obviously a satire.)

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