September 21, 2009

Reminder: GCTIP Forums for Network Neutrality / Open Internet Discussions

Greetings. With the significant FCC activities today relating to critical Network Neutrality and Open Internet issues, I've already received a pile of queries from folks asking for suggestions regarding where they could best openly discuss these issues and related topics in detail.

Given the large readership size of the moderated NNSquad (Network Neutrality Squad) mailing list, it is generally not appropriate for sustained discussions of the sort that are really more suited for threaded discussion environments.

But the GCTIP Forums site from GCTIP (Global Coalition for Transparent Internet Performance), founded early this year, exists specifically to encourage these sorts of intense threaded dialogues, discussions, queries, information sharing, etc.

Topics appropriate for the Forums include all areas broadly surrounding Network Neutrality and Open Internet concerns, including ISP issues and Terms of Service, Internet privacy, communications reliability and integrity, network performance and measurement, transparent access to Internet sites and services, application blocking, quality of service issues, and so on.

Anyone can read Forums discussions. You must be registered to post messages, but registered users can also create new discussion threads, and existing open, non-administrative topic categories are not pre-moderated (though all postings must abide by the usage guidelines of course).

Please consider GCTIP Forums as a resource for wide-ranging discussions, queries, comparing of notes/data, and for a wide variety of other interactions associated with all sides of Network Neutrality, Open Internet, and related issues. Regardless of where you stand personally regarding any of these controversial topics, your participation would be very welcome.



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