September 19, 2009

Conservative "Video Stings" of ACORN May Have Been Illegal

Greetings. Over the last few days, I've seen endless rather breathless coverage of the conservative 20-somethings "hit squad" that conducted video stings of ACORN offices, for the express purpose of recording ACORN staffers making fictitious and/or embarrassing statements (statements that were clearly misguided, but probably not in and of themselves illegal).

But then I started to wonder, were those hidden video/audio recordings themselves legal?

Sure enough, I'm not the only one pondering this question, and it appears quite possible that the recordings were illegal under various involved states' laws.

This fact has not been widely reported in the media up to now, but already appears to be a topic of considerable civil litigation "interest" and also possible upcoming criminal investigations.

Under U.S. laws at least, and especially in matters of privacy violations, the end doesn't automatically justify the means -- not even for right-wing activists.


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