August 24, 2009

AT&T to Smartphone Users: Get a Data Plan. Or Else!

Greetings. A Washington Post story from 8 July notes that AT&T and other carriers have been increasingly concerned about cash-starved subscribers dropping (or not taking in the first place) data plans with their smartphones.

However, ever resourceful AT&T has apparently divined a solution to this problem, revealed by a leaked e-mail -- simply require that new or upgraded smartphone owners subscribe to data plans -- whether they like it or not -- starting 6 September, all to "ensure an extraordinary customer experience."

But of course, whoever said that an "extraordinary customer experience" necessarily
means a good experience, eh?

This move by AT&T wins the "lemons into lemonade" award for the month.
AT&T gets to savor the lemonade, and their subscribers get ... well ... you know.


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