August 04, 2009

Google Street View Explained -- and an Outer Space Alien Exposed?

Greetings. I'm a big fan of Google's Street View, and some new "Behind the Scenes" pages that Google's now launched usefully bring together a variety of facts regarding how Street View functions -- including key privacy issues -- and answer a number of questions that I'm frequently asked about Street View itself.

However, in the process of looking over their new material, I couldn't help but notice that the Street View Pegman character -- the little guy that you drag onto maps to trigger Street View -- bears a startling resemblance to the space-suited aliens in the classic 1956 Sci-Fi epic Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.

Alien technology conspiracy fans may have a field day, and Street View technology is pretty advanced, but one assumes that this physical similarity is merely a coincidence. OR ... IS ... IT? [Insert creepy theremin music.]


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